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La grande hermine

Dernière mise à jour : 11 janv. 2022

So long the days I faced without you,

Looking for a place to live.

So long the road that led me there,

The sky looks like Autumn's leaves

Now comes the night, it's alright...

As a light's warming my soul.

I just wonder how long my woe's to last,

As I'm so far from home.

Will I meet a soul as lonely as mine,

A soul looking for a friend.

Now despair is to undermine

My life and I need some help.

And the Moon comes, your sweet smile's

Shining like a silver pearl.

Waves carry some forgotten memories

Hurting my drowning heart.

I close my eyes and die.

I feel someone

Holding my hand,

Sweet lips fallen on mine.

A fragrance's flying around me.

Then I open my eyes and smile,

Here is the world

I've been praying for

A place only for hope

Where the night cannot shine.

Farewell my lovely "Grande Hermine"

The ship that has followed the Sun,

Beyond an endless and dangerous sea,

To a land to discover.

We could live together, there we cannot die

This blessed land could be our home.

Please would you come to see,

Paradise is not a lie,

It is far beyond the seas.

Manoah Varsay

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